Google gives up VR headsets, the Pixel 3a incompatible Daydream

Google gives up VR headsets, the Pixel 3a incompatible Daydream


In 2016, with its first Pixel smartphone, Google launched the Daydream View virtual reality headset. This device, similar to Samsung Gear VR, uses the screen, processor, battery and sensors of the smartphone to allow the user to immerse themselves in VR. It runs on the Daydream software platform, also launched in 2016 by Google.

This May 7, 2019, as part of the Google I / O conference, Google announced the Pixel 3a : a new mid-range smartphone that is added to the Pixel range. This new model is available from just 399 euros.

Unfortunately for those who hoped to use it for virtual reality, this Pixel 3a is not compatible with Daydream headsets. Google announced it to The Verge website, explaining that the definition and refresh rate of this smartphone are insufficient for VR.

While the Pixel 3a's screen offers the same definition as other Daydream-compatible smartphones, but its Snapdragon 670 processor offers significantly lower performance than the Snapdragon 800 series chips embedded by high-end models. Even the first Pixel delivers better performance.

The Pixel 3a is not the only smartphone to abandon Daydream. While the Galaxy S8 was one of the first View-compatible smartphones, Samsung discontinued this support with the Galaxy S10.

Since its launch, the Daydream platform was already struggling to find a place in the virtual reality market because of the lack of available content. From now on, his future seems more and more compromised...

Google does not intend to compete with the Oculus Quest

At the same time, Google also reveals to the CNET website that the company does not plan to launch an autonomous VR headset to compete with Facebook's new Oculus Quest. In 2018, Google and Lenovo had yet launched the Mirage Solo to compete with the Oculus Go.

However, Clay Bavor explains that the mountain view giant now intends to focus on services and use cases where VR can be really useful. Regarding the hardware, the firm prefers to “pass” this generation of VR headsets and concentrate its efforts on R&D in order to design a device capable of defeating the competition ...

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