Google unveils the new version of its Daydream View headset


  • An improved Daydream View on the program
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It was an expected announcement. So what was Google going to bring us to the virtual reality market during the Ask More conference? On the program, an improved version of its Daydream View virtual reality headset and many other announcements. 

An improved Daydream View on the program

The leaks were therefore confirmed. We presented you at the end of September the images of what was then called Daydream View 2 ″ after a revelation in the American press. The Ask More conference was the visual confirmation in particular of what Google will offer.

Technically, this is not completely a new helmet but rather an update of the already existing one. We will now have the right to a much more polished design with a nylon texture, and decidedly more comfortable. We find the remote control that allows you to navigate in games and applications. But this time, the headset should be compatible with most Android smartphones and not just the fortnight available so far. From a material quality point of view, we also find improved optics for a better image in angles to offer a much more immersive experience to users. A thin layer of metal will also absorb the heat of your smartphone.

This new version of Google DayDream View will be available shortly in the French Play Store. Its selling price will be € 109 for the headset and the controller. It will be available in three colors: black, gray and coral.

Other Google Ads

Of course, while this new headset is the main announcement of Google's conference, the Mountain View company didn't stop there. She took the opportunity to present its two new flagships, the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. If the latter is borderless, both enjoy a rather impressive technical sheet. On the program: a Snapdragon 835 coupled with 4 GB of RAM. But it is inside that the main innovations are to be found, notably with major improvements in terms of photography. However, they should not be sold in France.

Other announcements include the Pixelbook, a laptop with Google Assistant, and two new home automation accessories. The Google Home Max and the Google Home Mini should help the brand to settle definitively in the home automation market. The company is also competing with Apple in the wireless earphone market with the Pixels Buds.

Check out Google's Daydream View announcement video, play the video below. And let us know what you think in the comments! Are you convinced?

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