Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality

Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality


A survey was conducted by Greenlight VR on various questions regarding virtual reality. The results show the general public's opinions on the various HMDs on the market, but also what they expect from headsets and how much they are willing to invest in this technology.

Analyst firm Greenlight VR recently published a study done in June on virtual reality called the 2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Report, reports the VentureBeat site. Several axes were analyzed. One of the questions was about the budget consumers would like to allocate to a VR headset.. Two main information emerged from this first question. First, potential buyers have changed their minds about how much money they want to invest in RVs.

Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality

In October, the majority of consumers were prepared to invest $ 200 to $ 1000. In June, after the release of the Rift and Vive headsets, they are only willing to invest between $ 1 and $ 399. This change of mind in just a few months can show several things. First, the majority have clearer ideas about the value of virtual reality experiences. They can therefore put a fairer price on what they want to get out of VR.

An average budget of $ 100 for the majority

The second observation that can be made on the answers to this question is the stabilization of the budget that consumers would make at $ 100. 44,7% of those questioned answered between $ 1 and $ 199 in June. In October, they were only 23%. The average value that the public places in virtual reality is therefore for the majority of 100 dollars. That's about the price of a Samsung Gear VR.Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality

This is not insignificant, because the brand is imposed on the virtual reality market very early on. When comparing the Gear VR experience with that of the Cardboard, the price-performance ratio quickly turns in favor of the Korean firm. This question therefore shows that the market was educated in just a few months. These trends also show that buyers are naturally turning to cheaper products without going low-cost.

The Samsung Gear VR is the most popular headset

Another very interesting question was asked to the Greenlight VR panel: "What brand of VR headset would you be interested in buying?" " The results show that the first place is reserved for the Samsung Gear VR. The second at Playstation VR, and the third at the Oculus Rift. This podium highlights the companies that have invested the most in the marketing budget. Which is perfectly logical if we analyze an extract representative of the population.

Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality

Samsung (38,7%) made sure that its headset was available from 2015. The firm was therefore the first to offer qualitative virtual reality experiences. And it did not go unnoticed, as the company funded a large global advertising campaign to promote its device.. The result is therefore normal. It should be remembered that it is also the best quality / price level experience available on the market.

Sony's HMD is expected by much of the public

The second place of Playstation VR (30,5%) can also be explained by a successful communication campaign. But also by another advantage. To work, the headset will not need a powerful PC, but a PlayStation 4. Much of the public is already equipped with them, so the headset is financially affordable for many gamers. We must also take into account the presence of popular video game licenses on the PSVR.Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality

In third position, the Oculus Rift (24,9%) has won a good position in the minds of the general public. The announcement of its development was one of the major triggers of the revival of virtual reality. For many people, Oculus Rift is synonymous with virtual reality, so that explains its popularity. Then its sleek appearance and the support of the Facebook owner also worked in the Rift's favor.

The HTC Vive is missing from the podium of Greenlight VR

The other helmets are at the bottom of the list. Strangely, the HTC Vive only did (11,5%) despite its technical superiority. Time will probably remedy this state of affairs. But there is another reason why Valve's headset is not favored. The latter works with Steam which is a platform for gamers. And another part of the survey clearly shows that the majority of users are less interested in games than in other experiences.

Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality

Of the 1 people surveyed, 200% said they were interested or very interested in virtual reality. This shows an infatuation of the majority of the population for technology. However, the interest of this audience is not focused on video games.. VR often has the reputation of a geek gadget, so gaming is often attached to it. But the majority of the population is not interested in video games.

Respondents are more interested in adventures than gaming

Among the experiences most desired by the general public, travel, tourism and adventure applications are in first place (73,5%). For films and videos (67,3%). For live events (67%). For interior design (65,9%) and for education (63,9%). These diverse and varied interests reflect the interests of the majority of the population much better..

Greenlight VR - Public opinion and virtual reality

It is in this sense that the ecosystem is evolving. While gaming still has a place of honor, other experiences are gaining in popularity. The Samsung Gear VR is not making video games easy, but rather passive experiences. Virtual reality is therefore now in the process of being democratized with a public increasingly fond of new VR experiences.

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