Half Life Alyx leak reveals new enemies and environments

Half Life Alyx leak reveals new enemies and environments


In just under two months, VR fans around the world will finally be able to flock to the game produced by Valve. While waiting for the big day, the site has just unveiled new unseen screenshots of the game.

On these images, we can discover new enemies and new environments for this new VR opus of the famous saga. In total, there are nine screenshots.

On several of these captures, we discover the Combine soldiers. The first two images present these soldiers in an environment similar to that of the trailer. However, their uniform seems changed from that of the trailer and ...

Half-Life Alyx: leaked images confirm the quality of the title

Two other images show underground environments and allow you to admire the level of detail and quality of Half-Life's lighting effects : Alyx. This VR game that Microsoft announces as the most immersive of all time is definitely shaping up to be a real slap in the face.

We can also see the screenshot of a cage environment, and a metal door covered with the Source Engine error logo. Another image shows a channel, and the reporter claims to have recut this photo to avoid disclosing the scenario...

Finally, the last image presents a zombie head crab who obviously had a bad quarter of an hour. There is little time left until the launch of Half-Life: Alyx, but we can expect more images to be unveiled in a trickle by then ...

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