HaptX develops a haptic combination to feel VR all over the body

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  • The haptic combination of HaptX will have many uses

Known for his haptic gloves, the startup HaptX announces the development of a haptic combination in collaboration with two American universities.

The announcement follows a $ 1,5 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), a US government agency supporting research.

In fact, this technology could allow us to bring us closer to the VR experiences portrayed in cinema, where digital sensations can be felt in real life. We obviously have in mind the film Ready Player One.

Researchers at HaptX will try to realize this vision thanks to a robotic exoskeleton combined with microfluidic technology specific to the startup. Thus, the goal is to allow the user to feel the shape, weight and texture of a virtual object, while moving in a natural way. In addition, a robotic avatar should allow him to manipulate objects.

The haptic combination of HaptX will have many uses

The team of researchers in charge of the project highlights in particular VR experiences requiring intense movement. They cite, for example, sport, gaming, but also learning in an industrial environment or emergency aid.

Jake Rubin, founder and CEO of HaptX added that since its creation, his startup has aspired to design a system allowing realistic haptic feedback on the whole body.

Despite everything, it should be noted that'it will take a few more years before interactions like those in Ready Player One are possible. But this kind of research is in any case a new step towards this future.

And if you don't want to wait, there is already some combinations to give you an overview of what will happen soon. We can cite the TactSuit from bHaptics or the Teslasuit. As for the haptic combination of HaptX, follow us to stay up to date on its development.

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