Harry Potter Wizards Unite: A Guide to Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges


  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite: What are Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges?
  • How to start a Wizard Challenge in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?
  • How are the Wizarding challenges performed?
  • What are the rewards of the Wizarding Challenges?
  • How do you complete the Wizarding Challenges?

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, players can find Fortresses all over the world map (in the same locations as Pokémon Go Arenas). Within these turns, players can attempt to complete “Wizarding Challenges”.

It is battles against groups of monsters, obtaining valuable rewards. With each completed challenge, the player accesses a new floor of the tower or awaits a new even more difficult challenge. These challenges can be completed alone, or in co-op with a maximum of four other players.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: What are Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges?

Fortresses are visible on the map in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and are similar to large castles with red roofs. By going there, the player will find Challenge Rooms each housing a Wizard's Challenge.

During the first visit to a Fortress, only one Room is accessible. However, with each successful challenge, a new room with a more difficult challenge is unlocked. Over the floors, the difficulty increases and so do the rewards. Some rooms require a certain level in order to be unlocked.

The Wizarding Challenges are presented as series of fights against various creatures, to be completed before time runs out. The number of enemies to defeat and the countdown are shown at the top of the Arena screen.

If the player defeats all enemies in the chamber before the end of the timer, he gets a reward. If he fails, he receives nothing and also loses his Runestone.

It is possible to enter a Challenge Room alone, or accompanied by a maximum of four players. Playing together allows you to receive additional experience points.

If one fortress is surrounded by a halo of green light, this means that a Wizard's Challenge is in progress inside. You can then join the group of players there and take on the Challenge together.

How to start a Wizard Challenge in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

To start a wizarding challenge, you will first need to enter the Fortress. Get close enough for your avatar's circular pulse to touch it. You will then hear a sound effect indicating that you are within range.

You can then choose the Wizard Challenge you want to take. Before it can be chosen, each challenge must be unlocked by completing the previous one. To start the chosen challenge, you will then need to use a Runestone.

- Rune Stones can be obtained by returning Foundables to the Registry. For each rank gained in one of the categories in the Register, you will receive a Runestone of the corresponding category. For example, if you move up a Rank in the Ministry of Magic category, you will receive a Runestone from that category.

Le level of Runic Stones increases according to rank. The higher the level of Runestone spent on a Wizard's Challenge, the higher the level of enemies to fight and the greater the rewards.

When the countdown starts before the Wizard's Challenge, the difficulty level of the challenge is indicated. This level is influenced by the selected Chamber, but also by the level of the Runestone used to enter. It also increases when new players join the game.

At the moment, the highest Challenge Chamber level is level 20. To access it, you must be at least level 10 and have unlocked all the previous rooms beforehand.

specify that the time limit to complete the Wizarding Challenges increases as the Fortress levels rise. Every third row, the time limit increases by 60. The maximum limit is 10 minutes, starting from House 16.

Likewise, if you fall KO, the time you have to wait to enter the Chamber again increases with the ranks. This time increases by two seconds for each row. At level 20, you will therefore have to wait 68 seconds before you can fight again.

How are the Wizarding challenges performed?

When the challenge begins, the player is in the arena. He must choose the enemy to fight first, then the fight starts. The goal is to shoot down the enemy as quickly as possible to be able to move on to the next one and eradicate all enemies before the time runs out.

To attack you will first need to lock the target with your wand by pointing the sight at it for long enough. The operation can be tricky against the most lively and mobile enemies.

Once the target is locked, it is a question of using the same spells as in the fights against Foundables in the wild. Each spell will allow you to inflict a certain amount of damage on the opponent, so you will have to attack until their health bar drops to 0. By performing perfect spells, you will have a greater chance of inflicting damage. critical hits.

However, enemies here are able to attack in turn. To defend yourself, you will have to quickly use the defensive spell Protego to reduce the amount of damage that will be dealt to you.

Si your life gauge drops to 0 before that of the opponent, you are KO. You must then wait a certain period of time before you can enter the arena again to continue the fight. A KO will therefore waste a lot of time on the Challenge countdown, and must be avoided.

What are the rewards of the Wizarding Challenges?

Completing the Wizarding Challenges will earn you experience. By completing the first chamber challenge, you will receive 250 experience points. The amount increases by 10 points on each higher floor. In addition, the experience received increases by 10% per participating player.

As a reward, you will also get Challenge Shards, but also Grimoires allowing to learn new lessons for your Profession. You will also be able to receive fragments of Foundables corresponding to the category of Runestone used.

The higher the level of Runestone used, the more shards you can receive. If you are looking for Found in a specific category, Wizarding Challenges can therefore be the best recourse.

You will also receive additional experience depending on the difficulty of the challenge, and a bonus if you complete the challenge in cooperation with other players. The level of the Runestone used to launch the Challenge also allows you to obtain better rewards. In addition, a daily quest will allow you to get two gold coins once per day by completing a challenge.

How do you complete the Wizarding Challenges?

Before entering a Challenge Room, make sure you are prepared. Be sure to fill your magic energy meter to 100%, so as not to run out of energy in the middle of the Challenge.

Also be sure to take away a large supply of healing and buff potions. Their effect will be of great help to you to defeat enemies more quickly and resist their attacks.

Also think about Maximize your stats by learning as many lessons as possible for your Profession. This will allow you to take less damage, and inflict more damage on opponents.

If you are playing with several people, the best option is to have at least one player from each Profession in the group. This will allow you to take advantage of each other's skills, such as Auror crippling spells or Magizoologist support spells. In addition, you will take advantage of each other's strengths and weaknesses to be able to manage any type of opponent: Force of Evil, Curiosity or Beast.

Also think about use your special Profession skills (charms) between two fights. To do this, drag the icon corresponding to the charm of your choice to the portrait of an ally or an enemy (depending on whether it is a buff or a debuff). To cast the charms, you will need to have a sufficient amount of Focus. The Focus gauge fills up as you defeat enemies.

You now know all about Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Do not waste any more time, and assemble your group to meet the most arduous challenges in the upper floors of the tower!

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