Harry Potter Wizards Unite: first Community Day on 20/07/19

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: first Community Day on 20/07/19


With his new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, available since early July 2019, Niantic definitely doesn't want to waste time. While the first “Brilliant Event” has just ended, the developer has already announced the game's very first Community Day on Twitter.

Few details have been released yet, but we can use the Pokémon Go Community Days which take place once a month to try to guess what Niantic is up to us.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: rare findables and experience points galore for Community Day?


In general, PoGo Community Days span three hours. During this time, players may encounter many specimens of a specific Pokémon in the wild. If players capture this Pokémon during the event, they receive bonus experience points and the little monster is endowed with unusual techniques. Other additional bonuses are often added, such as an extended duration for the effect of Lures.

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, we can therefore expect Community Day to be placed under the sign of a rare Findable in particular (or maybe from a family of Foundables). Players may be able to receive additional experience. Finally, Dark Magic Detectors are likely to last longer during the event, as they replace Pokémon Go's Lures.

The first Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day will take place Saturday July 20, 2019, so be sure to reserve your day for this event! More details, and in particular the precise time of the festivities, will be communicated by Niantic very soon ...

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