Here's how augmented reality works in Google Search

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  • Google Search: a map showing the 3D

You are looking for a photo of a tiger, bear or alligator on Google Search. Thanks to augmented reality, they will soon be able to come to life in your living room or at your office.

It's been less than a month since Google announced the novelty. It is now possible to integrate 3D content into mobile search results. These can then be seen in augmented reality through an ARCore compatible device..

Google Search: a map showing the 3D

Who can access it ? You must have an ARCore compatible device, with the 1.9 version installed. Be careful, this would not work on some devices running Android Q beta. Then, in Google Search, you have to look for a small indication in the search engine which indicates "3D view". Animals are currently a better chance if you want to test the system quickly. For example, there are sharks like the one shown at the I / O conference.

The animal appears in 3D version that you can rotate and scale with your fingers. Then, "view in your space", allows you to activate the augmented reality experience. At first use, it will be necessary to give permission to the camera, and the application will then ask you to scan a surface to make appear the animal. Once it is set, it can appear. A photo function lets you immortalize the moment. Google hopes to use it in the field of commerce and many external sites. We already find Volvo, Wayfair or NASA among the partners of augmented reality on Google Search.

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