Holovis and Kuka develop VR experiences on a monstrous articulated arm

Holovis and Kuka develop VR experiences on a monstrous articulated arm


In order to make virtual reality experiences more realistic and the immersion in imaginary worlds stronger, many accessories are developed to use new senses (especially touch and smell) but also in terms of sensations of movement. and acceleration. VR experiences using roller coasters or even a gondola placed on a robotic arm are emerging. Holovis hopes to democratize this trend.

Holovis wants to give you thrills

The concept developed by the British company, Holovis, is to use a robot consisting of a 6-axis robotic arm that can perform a very large number of high-sensation movements with a virtual reality program whose images are adjusted to the movements. . The robotic arm is the one developed by the German robotics company Kuka. The German company, which primarily manufactures robots for industry, has developed KukaCoaster, an impressive articulated arm to deliver thrills as you can see in the video below.

For its collaboration with Holovis, the articulated arm will carry, this time, a basket that can accommodate 4 people at a time. The Kuka articulated arm allows movements in total freedom and in all directions. Users will wear a VR headset that will reproduce, in the virtual world, the movements of the arm in a totally immersive scenario. Different programs can be chosen and the field of possible experiments is enormous. From a robot fight to a simulated battle in a spaceship, to a totally crazy racing simulation, a large number of thrilling experiences can be created..

VR rides are a new trend

The solution developed by the Holovis group is not the first of its kind. Various amusement parks have already adopted virtual reality headsets on their roller coaster-type rides, offering innovative and thrilling experiences. A water park in Switzerland has even recently developed a water toboggan descent coupled with a family virtual reality experience. In another register, a hospital in Brest has also developed a moving chair for seasickness.

On the articulated arm side, we can also cite the incredible MMONE, the ultimate accessory for virtual reality players. This gondola for one person reproduces the movements of the game in which the gamer is immersed (see the video above). Samsung will also very soon launch its articulated arm in VR in its park in South Korea.

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