How can VR improve health and education?

How can VR improve health and education?


5 areas in the virtual reality industry 

How can VR improve health and education?

The popularity of virtual reality headsets is evident, as evidenced by the queues to try out the Oculus rift or Sony's Morpheus project in lounges dedicated to video games. Beyond the visual experience and the immersive game, virtual reality could in the medium term, prove to be a support with very diverse applications because if a virtual reality experience can transport its user to a distant or fictional universe, it can also recreate reality and simulate it for the purposes of understanding an environment, a mechanism or training in simulation in order to improve performance in a real situation. And many more.

Hardware, but also virtual reality content for discovery. This is what the VR content creation company HoneyVR wish to achieve. The company wants to develop a series of content called “Time Travelers”, allowing you to relive the great events of history and for this she wishes to call on artists from computer-generative imaginary. HoneyVR invites CGI artists to submit pieces that they will adapt in VR.

Virtual reality in vocational training

Virtual reality to the rescue of patients and surgeons

GreenlightVR's report on the VR industry concluded that education, social networks and care were areas in which innovations are expected in the coming years.  

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