How to improve virtual reality in the future?

How to improve virtual reality in the future?


Virtual reality causes recurring pain

Many studies have long pointed the finger the effects of screens on our body long-term. Does the problem arise with the innovations of recent years? The answer is indeed yes.

Due to muscle tension and discomfort from prolonged positions, the health of users may be at stake. Virtual reality is already omnipresent, both in video games, education or industrial training, which is why meeting the needs for comfort and health seems so important today.

“There are no guidelines for virtual and augmented reality interactions,” says researcher Jay Kim. The aim of this study was then to “reduce the risk of potential musculoskeletal injuries. ”. Indeed, three-dimensional movements engage the body of virtual reality users in numerous movements and the weight of the helmet remains a problem.

The study will serve as reference for optimal placement and angles of objects. This will allow virtual reality developers to minimize user discomfort by offering the same experiences.

The study process

The researchers placed sensors on joints and muscles participants to better understand what was happening when using virtual reality. A electromyography was also installed to measure the electrical activity in their muscles while performing common gestures belonging to virtual reality. The participants' mission was then to designate specific points around a circle or color a certain area with their finger. The researchers completed their study with the use of visual elements placed in various places of the visual field.

Discomfort in the shoulders due to the extension of the arm after three minutes is to be remembered. Major health problems can then occur over time with prolonged use of this kind of activity.

How to improve virtual reality in the future?

New indications will help better understand the future of virtual reality

Some tilt angles of the head cause greater discomfort in users. The participants were sometimes forced to keep their necks constantly stretched out and to raise their arms, sometimes causing unpleasant situations.

“Based on this study, we recommend that the objects that VR users interact with are closer to the bodyJay Kim advises. "And objects should be located at eye level, rather than top to bottom. ”.

A colossal impact would be expected since we expect approximately 168 million users by 2023. The fields of video games, military, education and healthcare could draw inspiration from the contribution of this study in the future. By anticipating future mistakes, Jay Kim hopes to provide users a complete and pleasant experience.



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