HTC Vive: A packaging that is scary

If you are a fan of puzzles of all kinds, we recommend that you get an HTC Vive without hesitation. Not for doing virtual reality puzzles, but just for unpack the contents of the helmet box. Not less than 20 objects are present in the box, installing the reality headset is much like putting together an Ikea piece of furniture. Here is the photo of the contents of the box, and below the list of objects.

And obviously all this material is necessary to make the most of thevirtual reality experience. This shows once again that the HTC Vive is more powerful than the Oculus Rift, or in any case that the experience that HTC and Valve offer with their headphones is better than the competition. And especially since this experience must be done in a whole room, thanks to the "lighthouse" stations. HTC is the only one capture movements of the player for retransmit in the virtual environment, and according to HTC, the Vive headset will let you immerse yourself in life-size games with a precise motion tracking and natural control gestures. So you will be able to dodge enemy attacks by moving your body. We understand better the important content of the HTC Vive and above all we expect hours of installations to be in optimal playing conditions !

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