HTC Vive: the 4 best free experiences you shouldn't miss

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  • Rec Room: a free social experience and mini-games
  • The Lab: free experiences to discover the full potential of a Room Scale
  • Google Earth VR: to discover the world in a new way
  • Belko VR: a free Escape Room type experience

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset is currently considered the best on the market today. However, it is also the most expensive and increasing its application library can quickly turn out to be dangerous for the wallet. As well, Viveport has published a list of 4 free virtual reality experiences available on the HTC Vive headset and they are, it is true, unmissable for any VR enthusiast.. Here is the list of the four best free experiences according to the Viveport platform.

Rec Room: a free social experience and mini-games

Rec Room is above all a social application. The objective of the software developed by "Against Gravity" is to allow users of an HTC Vive virtual reality headset to socialize and spend time with their friends virtually.. Many activities are available such as small games such as a paintball battle, 3D charades or even disc golf. Recreational rooms are also available for various social activities.

Rec Room also offers a private room which is available in the lounge. You will be able to isolate yourself with one or more friends out of sight. Rec Room is an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with your friends and share fun moments with them in a virtual way, but with all that virtual reality has to offer. This is arguably the best virtual reality social app out there yet, and one of the precursors of what social VR will look like in the future. If you're new to Rec Room, now's the time to check out all the free social app has to offer..

The Lab: free experiences to discover the full potential of a Room Scale

The lab is a suite of virtual reality experiences that allows beginners to understand the full potential offered by a Room Scale and to discover all the possibilities. This collection of small free experiences developed by Valve therefore allows not only to have fun, but also to tame the use of Room Scale and controllers. The Lab offers a total of 8 different free experiences.

Among these experiences, you can try your hand at virtual archery to defend a castle, repair a robot in the science lab, play throwing a stick at a virtual dog, or even explore and interact with the solar system. The Lab is therefore a free application essential for all beginners who want to discover the potential of the HTC Vive Room Scale while having fun..

Google Earth VR: to discover the world in a new way

Everyone, or almost, knows Google Earth. Few people, however, are aware of the existence of the virtual reality version of Google's application. The software makes it possible to visualize our planet from an assembly of photographs taken by satellites. Completely free, Google Earth is undoubtedly the most famous application in its field.

The Google Earth VR version allows users to virtually move around and admire in 3D and 360 degrees many particularly remarkable places on our planet. The free experience allows you to navigate as you see fit in the Grand Canyon, around the Eiffel Tower, the Swiss Alps, etc.. Many unmissable places on Earth can thus be visited in complete freedom with your virtual reality headset from the comfort of your living room.

Google Earth VR not only allows you to discover or rediscover beautiful places from another point of view, but the free application also allows you to become a superhero. It is indeed possible to fly around our planet like Superman. It is also possible to be amazed by the random choice of destinations and therefore discover places you will never have thought of or even marvel at places that you did not even know existed before.

Belko VR: a free Escape Room type experience

Escape Room type games lend themselves perfectly to virtual reality thanks to the 360-degree environment to discover. Belko VR is a particularly interesting experience which combines both the sense of observation, reflection and the ability to solve puzzles. Unlike many Escape Game type games in virtual reality, Belko VR also adds the notion of time. Indeed, you will have to succeed in escaping within the time allotted to you.

15 minutes is the maximum limit given to you to find a way to escape from the office you are locked in. Belko VR thus succeeds in adding a large dose of suspense which makes the game even more attractive. An intense experience that will never tire you. Indeed, "Top Right Corner", the developer of the game, has decided to offer different endings to the game. Be careful, however, these are not all in your favor.

Belko VR is therefore an excellent Escape Game type game with a very long lifespan and completely free.. You are free to test different scenarios to try to find the way or means to get out of the situation in which you are plunged.

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