HTC will hold its next conference directly in VR

HTC will hold its next conference directly in VR


In a very unfavorable international context, the president of HTC Vive China Alvin Wang Graylin has not announced the cancellation of the next HTC conference. Instead, the Virtual Vive Ecosystem Conference (V²EC) will take place entirely in virtual reality. By avoiding postponing or even canceling your event, HTC is launching the industry's premier VR conference. The latter will take place on March 19 on the Engage platform. It will be accessible to all holders of a VR headset in a virtual experience with 6 degrees of freedom. For those who do not have this material, a classic video version will be available for PCs, tablets and smartphones.

VR: the preferred medium for a virtual reality conference

Shenzhen hosted the V²EC last year. HTC took the opportunity to many announcements. Indeed, the Chinese firm had lifted the veil on the Vive Focus Plus, and on a partnership with Qualcomm among others. It should be the same this year. However, a virtual reality conference seems really suited to this theme. It is obvious that people who are interested in this subject have a helmet to enjoy the event. However, it will not be possible to physically test the new features unveiled. This should be the case for the modular facades of the Vive Cosmos.

As before, the V²EC is open to developers. Those who wish can register on the page provided for this purpose on the website of the Engage platform, then download the application for Windows 10. It supports most Oculus and Rift headsets, as well as those from Valve and those that run on Windows Mixed Reality. Registrations will open tomorrow, Tuesday March 10. The conference will take place in simulcast in English and Chinese, March 19 at 02:30 a.m. PST.

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