Immersion - A master French studio in virtual reality

Immersion - A master French studio in virtual reality



Immersion is therefore a French company specializing in the creation of 3D experiences and solutions. Mostly geared towards professionals. Founded in 1994, the company Immersion creates and offers high-end display and interaction devices, used to test, design, simulate and validate in real time around digital models.

This French company is not limited in terms of market. Able to intervene in fields such as aeronautics, automotive, shipbuilding, transport, defense, architecture, construction, energy, industrial equipment, health, education or research .

Immersion - A master French studio in virtual reality

Immersion - Quality services

All the services offered by the company allow for example visualize 3D prototypes or concepts before any final construction. This allows a huge saving of time, but also and of course a saving of money.

The company is made up of 45 employees who are experts in the field of 3D. It has offices in Bordeaux, Nantes and of course in Paris. In addition, you should know that Immersion is largely involved in French and European research projects on new technologies. All this places this company as a beacon for quality services and what is more is made in France.

It offers a whole range of VR and AR products and services. So Immersion can set up for you immersive display domes allowing simulation or training. It also offers augmented reality tablets that allow you to simply superimpose virtual elements on your real environment.

Or their immersive 3D rooms very useful for the creation of virtual models or prototypes. In addition, the company has its own helmets. Totally designed for their many services and products. This in order to guarantee maximum quality and results.

Immersion - A master French studio in virtual reality

The company has already been able to work with famous companies such as Sagem, L'Oréal or even EDF. If you still doubt their capabilities, you can also test and see all their innovations in their Bordeaux showroom. This little passage will help you better understand and build a project with their technology.

Immersion is positioned as an expert company full of innovations and ideas that will allow all professionals improve their services and / or products. In addition, it will be able to bring a large dose of novelty allowing to save a considerable time and to optimize the profit and loss ratio.

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