Independent games and virtual reality: a new gateway

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The boom in independent games has proven that it is not necessarily necessary to have a publisher and large means behind you to create a game and successfully sell it. Good ideas and a small team with know-how can sometimes be enough in the internet age. Dematerialized, Steam, crowfunding and early access, here are the main tools for independents. Unfortunately today, the overexposure of the indie scene has meant that the market is saturated today. To succeed in standing out, you have to innovate enough, which is currently complicated.

With virtual reality, a whole new side of video games is opening its doors, certain precise codes need to be reviewed and certain things should be thought differently. In short, a new path, ideal for budding designers who want to break into this sector.

Independent and experimental games

With virtual reality, we are coming back to a period of experimentation. We focus less on gameplay and more on contemplation and experimentation through games that are often short and therefore more suited to artistic risk-taking. Ideal therefore for an independent creator who must succeed in pulling out of the game through original ideas, he must be where the big games are not. Or at least with some of its ideas innovative enough to be able to position itself on other criteria.


With the so important presence of kickstarter and early access, independent studios have all the cards in hand to be able to compete with publishers. Regardless of the means of financing, everyone starts as equals in this new sector. Innovation and experimentation must be at the heart of the current process of creating VR games, as players and developers take their marks with this technology and thus try new things to optimize the use. We must push the possibilities of the support as far as possible. And if publishers don't want to do it, it's up to independent games to take that risk.

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