Industry Simulator VR trains technicians to deal with disasters


  • EDF has already adopted Industry Simulator VR

How to deal with a catastrophic emergency? Numix tries to find a solution with a virtual reality simulator for high risk environments. Indeed, Industry Simulator VR makes it possible to test human behavior. And that, when they are faced with stress, and must make decisions quickly. All this, with the idea of ​​training technicians present on this type of site in the right actions and reflexes.

It is very difficult to reproduce a disaster scenario on a hydroelectric dam or in a nuclear power plant. It will inevitably be very expensive and can never reach a full level of realism, unless you really destroy everything. To nonetheless offer training adapted to these situations, virtual reality is today the most relevant tool. Industry Simulator VR is a modular simulation engine that offers full customization according to needs. In addition, it is possible to create endless disaster scenarios, observe reactions and learn from mistakes.

EDF has already adopted Industry Simulator VR

Industry Simulator VR was designed as an “open world” that can be changed. So, many elements and features can be added. This makes it possible to offer a tailor-made service in relation to the professional activity. After the various sessions, a report is drawn up giving information on the actions undertaken, whether they have had a positive or negative impact. The final assessment allows conclusions to be drawn as to the ability of technicians to manage such events. He also puts his finger on Points to improve.

EDF is among the first to adopt this solution. Industry Simulator VR provided them with a great flood experience on a dam. The people participating in this training must apply the instructions in case of flooding and identify unforeseen potentials in real time.

Numix will be present at CES in Las Vegas 2020 to present its simulator. The company is currently expanding its offer in order to offer a complete and generic solution which can suit the greatest number of situations.

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