Insta360 Nano - The 360 ​​° camera for Iphone


  • Insta360 Nano, compact and easy to use

In the mobile market, two giants are perpetually competing for first place, Samsung and Apple. The two firms manage to sell millions of units of their smartphones annually. The characteristics of their devices are quite similar, so that the difference is made more by the appreciation of each one, in particular as regards the interface and the ergonomics of the two operating systems which are Android and iOS. Some accessories are therefore exclusive to both brands. This is the case of the Insta360 Nano, a 360 ° camera, compatible only with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to compete with the Samsung Gear 360 which, you guessed it, no. 'is only compatible with Korean smartphones.

Insta360 Nano, compact and easy to use

The Insta360 Nano comes in the form of a real camera and plugs directly into the Lightning port of your iPhone. It will then be controlled by an application that you have downloaded beforehand. Now let's move on to the benefits of this new product. First, its use is simple and intuitive. Then, the camera has its own battery. There is therefore no question of endangering the autonomy of your smartphone. Finally, the camera also has a micro SD port so as not to overwhelm your phone's storage space. In short, the Insta360 Nano is, unlike many accessories, completely independent.

Not only will you be able to capture photos and videos in 3K (3040 × 1050), but also share them simply and instantly, the camera having been specially designed for live streaming. The Insta360 Nano, will be available on July 30 for the sum of 265 €, but you can already pre-order it on Amazon.

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