Intel could launch smart glasses in 2018


  • Very strange coincidences
  • Intel augmented reality glasses: information is still lacking

Is the market ready for smart glasses? While Google Glass seems to be a thing of the past to be forgotten for good, many competitors are really looking into the subject. At the confluence of two rumors, the launch of a model by Intel could well take many people by surprise.

Very strange coincidences

It all starts Thursday February 1 with an article from Bloomberg. This survey focuses on the upcoming launch by Quanta Computer Inc, of an augmented reality headset. The project, known internally as "Superlite", would connect with a smartphone via bluetooth to project information into the wearer's Field of View (FOW). When this project was announced last year as part of a partnership with Lumus (which just introduced mini augmented reality glasses), everyone thought it was a project for Apple. .

At the time, Ari Grobman, the CEO of Lumus was even talking about a But, concretely, accurate information was missing even if he was advancing at the time.

Intel augmented reality glasses: information is still lacking

But, it is in fact quite possible that this analysis is due to a lack of information at the time according to Bloomberg. Indeed, these Quanta / Lumus glasses were at the time scheduled to be launched in 12 to 18 months. A deadline which places them at the same time as the project of glasses… of Intel.

Indeed, the brand is preparing to sell shares in its augmented reality project which would be named Vaunt. The goal? Succeed in raising $ 350 million. Vaunt would rely on employees of Recon Instruments, an augmented reality equipment company purchased by Intel in 2015 and closed last year. For now, we still lack details on this augmented reality glasses project. The real question is that of Intel's real ambition. The big players in the market seem to focus on augmented reality by phone, glasses are for the moment left in the background. It should also be remembered that Intel is above all a manufacturer of components and processors.

Of course, other smaller players are trying to find a place. But, after the failure of the ambitious Alloy project, unfortunately aborted last year by Intel, the company's willingness to insist would be a strong signal. We will probably know more in the coming months, Intel refusing for the moment to comment on the information.

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