Interactive Meditation: a unique VR program for interactive meditation

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  • Interactive Meditation: biofeedback and virtual reality
  • Interactive Meditation offers varied and adapted experiences

Meditation is not just for Buddhist monks. This practice has crossed borders and is more and more appreciated in the West for the benefits it provides. Meditation is known to bring inner peace, well-being and take away the stress of everyday life. Its benefits are countless according to its followers. There are different forms of meditation and different currents. However, the practice of meditation seems complex to the uninitiated. Also, the start-up Unyte has developed an original program to easily discover and learn about the benefits of meditation without having specific knowledge.. This is not the first VR meditation program, but it remains very original due to the use of an accessory that captures your degree of relaxation.

Interactive Meditation: biofeedback and virtual reality

The Interactive biofeedback program is based on several elements. The user will first place a sensor on their ear. This biofeedback sensor will measure, in real time, your heart rate to assess your level of well-being and the effect of meditation on your body. You will then have to choose a meditative experience among the 50 offered by the application. Each experience has a real guide who will help you, like a personal coach, to reach an advanced state of meditation.

As breathing is a key part of meditation, guidance will be given to you during each immersive meditative experience. Interactive Meditation allows you to track your resonance score with experience and your progress. The app will teach you how to meditate more effectively with each practice. Although not essential, it is preferable to use a virtual reality headset for the Interactive Meditation program. VR offers, in fact, an immersion that makes it easier to dive into a deep meditative state.. The feedback system is a big plus that allows you and the app to measure your level of well-being and your progress. The learning of meditation is thus very facilitated.

Interactive Meditation offers varied and adapted experiences

One of the strengths of the Interactive Meditation application is that it offers a wide choice of meditative experience. 50 different experiences are offered and it's easy to find the ones that appeal to you the most according to your mood and current needs. Among the immersive meditative experiences on offer, note that there are different games based on classic elements of the universe. Relaxation programs are also offered with renowned coaches. This introductory mix, in the form of a game, is ideal for beginners and those doubting their ability to meditate.

Interactive Meditation is, for the moment, still in the form of an advanced project. A crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Kickstarter, is underway and is having enormous success. More than 155.000 dollars have already been collected out of the 30.000 needed to finance the marketing of the product which should therefore normally begin in September 2017.. By participating in the fundraising campaign, you can save 40% on the future listing price.

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