IrisVR raises 8 million to modernize architecture and design

Founded in 2014, the startup IrisVR uses virtual reality technology to modernize the architecture and design industries. The start-up combines VR and enterprise software to help construction, design and architecture professionals communicate and share their plans and visions more easily. The startup team is made up of professionals in architecture, construction, engineers specializing in real-time engines, multimedia graphics and segmentation algorithms.

The New York-based company completed a Series A funding round in the amount of $ 8 million. The fundraising was led by Emergence Capital Partner. Other funds have joined this Series A: Azure Capital Partners, Jonathan Struhl for Indicator Ventures, Locke Mountain Ventures, Morningside Group, Pritzker Group Venture Capital as well as Valar Ventures. IrisVR plans to use these funds to accelerate business growth. To achieve this, the company decided to recruit new talents: IrisVR thus claims to be looking for visionary creators and engineers wishing to see the physical and 3D worlds converge.

At the start of 2016, IrisVR has launched a beta version of its software. The success was almost instantaneous since at launch, 45 of the top 100 architecture and design companies downloaded the tool. IrisVR technology allows professionals to import their blueprints and blueprints which will be, in a few clicks, translated into virtual rendering. Thanks to a headset like the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the GearVR or even the Google Carboard, professionals can then enjoy a VR version of their construction projects.

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