Is John Carmack a thief?

    Is John Carmack a thief?

    No, you're not dreaming, it's John Carmack who is accused of theft by the Zenimax company. We knew Carmack's background in Software / Hardware companies, so that in the end he finished his race at OculusVR. Father of DOOM, John Carmack is now accused of using research from Zenimax, formerly Carmack's company, to turn the Oculus Rift into an excellently usable machine.

    Indeed, many companies have rubbed shoulders with the disappointment of VR. This is not child's play and making a helmet requires a lot of research and implications. Would Palmer Luckey have received much more help and technical support than he says to create his work? This is the question that arises ...

    If the takeover by Facebook of the company OculusVR has been talked about, we can say that this announcement remains just as juicy. Would the $ 2 billion check attract fundraising companies like crumbs attract pigeons? In any case, this is the case that is likely to unfold over the next few days. In his defense, John Carmack specifies that none of his codes and his findings had been patented. Under no circumstances can Zenimax attack Carmack for theft. As he tells us from his Twitter account:


    What does Zenimax seek to prove? That without them Palmer would never have been able to do the Oculus Rift? VR is the new market of the moment but also the future of video games and many other fields, but above all it is a war of societies. It's who's got the best VR.

    How will this story end? To be continued ...



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