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Architecture professions

Few are those who use this trade in industry. Yet this expertise is of crucial importance in the development of coherent virtual worlds. In video games, level designers are used. Virtual reality, due to its realistic and immersive dimension, must ensure that coherent and precise virtual environments.

The first and most important reason is that in a virtual reality world you shouldn't rush or lose the user. He must immerse himself in an environment that he sees as a possibility of the real world. So the shock of plunging it into virtual reality is all the more fluid and softer. A poorly structured world can lose and confuse the user.

Architects are trained in various schools and professional companies can call on them regardless of their training. Of course, companies wishing to create content in virtual reality will prefer architects having some experience in the world of virtual creation. In doing so, video games are one of the best breeding grounds for finding the right architect of virtual reality worlds.

Design professions

Surely the most important job of all. It's easy to find graphic designers or programmers who can repeat gestures they know from video games or basic applications. It's much harder to find a designer with relevant expertise in virtual reality. Because VR is very different from video games or basic applications. It asks to think in a new way, to consider the possibilities and the limits of virtual reality.

It is he who will “write” the experience. In doing so, he must think about it making the best use of the unique capabilities of virtual reality. This is so that the use of the latter is not artificial and does not make a gadget.

With this field being new, it is difficult to consider the user experience of consumers without appealing to a little instinct. Thus, a good designer will know in advance the problems that a particular design may pose. It will understand the purpose requested from customers, while taking into account the expectations of consumers.

A good VR designer is the key to a good VR game or app. He must know this field but especially to predict how this technology will evolve with the general public. He needs to know what works and what doesn't in virtual reality.

Programming professions

If the designer is the key to a good virtual reality project, programming it is the heart. Without a programmer there is no virtual world, so there is nothing to show. Like it or not, the programmer is the person most important in such a project. He is the one who will truly set up the virtual world.

It is quite easy to find a good programmer. Video games or the world of cinema provide a fairly experienced sample of programmers. But you do not necessarily have to think directly of virtual reality for programming in terms of great difficulty to code. Because in the end virtual reality is nothing more than a 3D world. It is therefore clear that a good virtual reality programmer is not necessarily the one who produces the most beautiful codes for virtual reality. But the one who produces the most optimized codes.

Because virtual reality consumes a lot of resources. So much so that it is necessary to ensure that the content offered is as optimized as possible so as not to overload the PC which supports the headset. Only an experienced programmer can accomplish this feat.

3D professions

Here again, 3D sculptors must be very careful with their work. Indeed, virtual reality cannot be taken lightly at this level. Bad 3D models can cause motion sickness.

Because the powerfully immersive effect of virtual reality must in no case be coupled with 3D models wrong sizes. A chair that appears too large for the rest can confuse the user. Until he lost the sense of balance. It is thus necessary to create 3D models whose templates, sizes and shapes are worked and thought out with surgical precision.

A 3D content creator will thus create all the 3D models in software such as Maya for example. This in order to bring objects whose shape is the most realistic or the most consistent with the artistic direction and the design of the content.

Graphic design professions

If the 3D sculptor creates 3D models, the graphic designer will add color to these models. He too should be careful not to attack the user. A wrong choice of color that can destabilize a person using a virtual reality headset.

Here, any graphic designer with experience in creating 3D content can do the trick. The graphic designer will just have to take into account the fact that the user is directly confronted with the sets. And that virtual reality can tend towards motion sickness that such or such color can either accentuate or soften.

Journalism professions

Virtual reality is not yet very present in everyone's mind and it is not yet fully understood by everyone. She is still too young for the general public to be aware of everything that encompasses virtual and augmented reality. Journalists are therefore needed to democratize this new area technological. While bringing information on developments from the sector to the general public and professionals.

The rental professions

Virtual reality headsets are very expensive. We can see more and more companies turning towards the rental of virtual reality equipment. It is a real market to be explored which allows the general public to taste this technology at a lower cost.

We can also see appearing in the same style of the kinds large arcades for virtual reality or even cinemas.

Trades of training

This world being so new, it is clear that there is a real demand for the search for a formator. Thus, a specialist in virtual reality in a particular field can provide his experience and knowledge in order to pass them on. It is clear that there is still a real market to study and grow. The latter being can developed for the moment. We will certainly be able to see more and more training arrive. Even schools dedicated to virtual reality.

Here is an overview of all the trades that revolve around virtual reality. It is certain that many others will be able to come and feed this field. It may even be that some quite surprising professions will come to fuel the virtual reality market.

We will update this file to give you access to a reference in the listing of virtual reality jobs.

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