JVC Enters VR / XR With 5K Business Headset

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  • JVC wants to address the simulation, construction and healthcare sectors

More and more “tech giants” are interested in and investing in virtual and augmented reality. Today it is the turn of the famous Japanese company JVC to unveil XR headset for businesses.

This device, developed in secret since 2018, is equipped with two 5,5-inch LCD screens of definition 2560 × 1440 pixels per eye. In addition, the helmet offers a very wide 120 degree horizontal field of view, thanks to proprietary mirror screen technology.

This technology seems similar to that used on augmented reality headsets like the Nreal Light or the new device from Chinese Oppo. The idea is to allow users to enjoy a direct view of gauges or instruments in the real world, while the virtual images are projected at the required location.

According to JVC, this prototype is able to reproduce clear images, without grid effect and with less chromatic aberration. The helmet is compatible with SteamVR tracking, and can be used with all compatible controllers such as Vive Wands or Valve Index controllers.

JVC wants to address the simulation, construction and healthcare sectors

The firm announces a product primarily intended for the simulation market. The user could keep a view of their dashboard in the real world, while being immersed in a virtual environment. However, the machine could also be used in the field of construction and health.

It is not yet known whether JVC simply intends to take the temperature, or if the firm does indeed intend to become a major player in mixed reality. She will hold a conference in early December 2020 in Japan, and those interested in the event can register on the Mogura website at this address to attend the virtual broadcast ...

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