KFC uses VR escape games to train its employees

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Apparently, virtual reality training isn't for all businesses. There are some for whom it works well, others for whom the effort was really not necessary. KFC, for example, could have abstained. The experience they have included in their training is both bizarre and unnecessary.

Escape game by KFC

It takes on the aspect of a virtual reality escape game. You have to learn Colonel Sanders' Original Recipe in order to get out of the room. There are five steps to this: inspect the chicken, rinse it, bread it and then fry it. It might not be worth experimenting on Oculus for this.

Especially since the staging made by KFC is doubtful. Nonstop, the half-demonic voice of Colonel Sanders comes out of a loudspeaker, to give advice, make jokes ... Meanwhile, you have to prepare the chicken in a robotic kitchen straight out of BioShock, and robots come to demonstrate different steps.

End of the end, to leave the room - the escape game side is taken very seriously - the buttons for the different steps must be pressed in order. This is the infantilizing passage of the test, where KFC checks if its employee can remember five words. Then you have to feed a chicken wing to a robotic head of the colonel, embedded in the door. Last little joke of the colonel, the door opens. This is the laughable passage.

KFC likes hi-tech (a little too much)

KFC explains that the introduction of this VR training saves time. Virtual reality training lasts 10 minutes, compared to 25 for the same one in real life. One can also imagine that in addition to saving time, product savings are envisaged. It can also be the urge to play with an Oculus.

This isn't the first time that KFC has played with new technology: they've already released a photo printer bucket and a phone charger to-go box. But they were promotional, fleeting elements; the, all employees will have to go through the escape game box to fry chicken for real.

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