Lenovo is working on augmented reality glasses for PCs

Lenovo is working on augmented reality glasses for PCs


Seeing multiple workspaces in a PC environment in augmented reality is the AR glasses project Lenovo is working on. These are stylish glasses that allow you to work anywhere.

Working on several workstations in its environment, all with a certain level of confidentiality is a wish that many professionals have. Nreal had already attracted attention last January with his glasses that work with a smartphone. This time, it is the Chinese computer and smartphone company that reveals its project for augmented reality glasses linked to a PC. This small and elegant device can be carried everywhere but still requires a connection with a laptop computer to be used.

Lenovo augmented reality glasses for professionals

Lenovo explains that the goal is to use augmented reality to offer a user visual privacy while working in a public space, as well as the ability to view multiple screens at the same time. Rather than trying to create a whole new platform or set of apps, the company wants personal computer users to be able to access work, social media, and gaming software they already own. , but from their AR glasses.

Lenovo has yet to disclose the full specs for the glasses, but these appear to include three front cameras, support for prescription lenses, and a cable for connecting to a laptop. In a video, Lenovo shows that they are working with a PC equipped with Intel Core i7 processors and a ninth generation GeForce GTX type graphics card. The minimum specifications to be able to use these glasses are not yet clear. No price or release date has been put forward by the Chinese giant, which presented its model this week at Tech World in Beijing..

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