London: the British Museum goes virtual reality


  • Coins dating from the Bronze Age
  • Staging the mystery of these pieces  

Coins dating from the Bronze Age

This weekend, one of the rooms of one of the emblematic museums of the city of London, will offer a virtual reality animation representing in 3D, coins dating from the Bronze Age.

Visitors will be provided with virtual reality headsets and tablets before diving into a scenery recreated using virtual reality. The room will accommodate groups ranging up to five people.

Staging the mystery of these pieces  


The virtual reality animation will represent three objects, including a very recently discovered piece. It is the mystery that surrounds the digitally reproduced pieces that is at the origin of this animation, and what will be based on its scenography. Visitors will be able to “try on” bronze bracelets in particular.

This is the first virtual reality experience organized by the London Museum. For Martin McDonnell, CEO of Soluis Heritage, the company that produced digital animation, this is a new step towards the democratization of this technology.

La transmission of knowledge is one of the potential for the development of virtual reality. Companies specializing in virtual reality have already understood this. The company Honey VR, will release at the end of the year an application allowing to relive in virtual reality the great moments of history. 

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