Lucid Trips - A dreamlike journey in virtual reality

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  • The originality of the trip is at the heart of Lucid Trips

VR Nerds studio is developing a lucid dreaming exploration game. Appropriately named Lucid Trips, the player can explore vast worlds using original movement mechanics and perfectly suited to virtual reality.

The game created by the German studio VR Nerds allows the player to evolve in a lucid dream. Visually very beautiful, the application allows you to move freely using the Vive's controllers skilfully using this technology, according to the RoadtoVR website. The fact that players can't use their feet in VR is an obstacle the team cleverly worked around. Instead of using the Vive's Lighthouse system to give an illusion of freedom of movement, VR Nerds based their movement system on the controllers. The player can therefore slide, jump and fly using the Vive controllers.

The originality of the trip is at the heart of Lucid Trips

The goal here is to collect artifacts in the dream worlds of Lucid Trips. They are often located in high places that are difficult to access and offer a bonus to the player allowing him to fly longer and therefore to better enjoy the landscape. The developers are also working on a multiplayer mode where one of the participants can hide artefacts so that the second player can find them.. The game is currently only in alpha mode, Lucid Trip was originally developed on the HTC Vive, but the creators are only waiting for the Oculus Rift Touch Controllers to launch it on this platform. form.

This game is by its extremely original gameplay. It uses Vive's technology very well while bypassing its physical limitations. The concept itself is innovative, it is one of the experimental games that will define the genres of virtual reality. The recreational VR video landscape is currently in the exploration phase. Small games test the material limits of machines, invent new concepts and promote new narrative schemes. It is therefore an interesting period from a creative point of view, but with quite limited games. In any case, Lucid Trips can be classified in the exploration-relaxation type which is developing more and more.

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