Lumen: An application at the crossroads of virtual reality and well-being


  • Lumen: Anti-stress with therapeutic benefits?

The principle of this new virtual reality application is to take you to a magical forest, with calm sounds and soothing lights. The experience begins with a short breathing exercise, while you are within this luminous forest you can use your gaze to interact with what you see, and what you hear.

You can customize the mood of the forest, including changing the display tint of the dawn of the sky. As for the soundtrack, it was created by composer Peter Timberlake, and it evolves with the interactions you make during your immersion. The atmosphere that emanates from the place is conducive to calm and relaxation, there is no doubt that you will be perfectly serene and zen at the end of your trip on Lumen.

Lumen: Anti-stress with therapeutic benefits?

Lumen was created in collaboration with Walter Greenleaf and Doctor Greenleaf, who work at Stanford University in the Virtual Lab Human Interaction studio. Other Stanford researchers who are based at Lucile Packard Children Hospital are in charge of evaluating how this app can help children, who are undergoing difficult surgeries.

This experience is only the beginning of what virtual reality can offer in terms of combating stress, and improving mental health. The number of virtual reality solutions for healthcare is growing. As our previous article on the advances in this area already showed, Lumen once again shows that virtual reality can offer great advances for our health and our well-being.

Lumen is exclusively on the LIFE VR app, which is available for iOS and Android, and on Steam for the HTC Vive. 

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