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  • Magic Hour, an application to train in VR photography
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Photography is without doubt one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring art forms on our sweet planet. The possibility of immortalizing in images memorable moments of our lives is a true gift granted by the heavens to humanity.

However, photography is also a demanding discipline, which requires technical skills, a certain talent and a lot of training. The application, offered on Steam by Wolf in Motion, offers precisely to train in photography within virtual reality.

Magic Hour, an application to train in VR photography

This experience is described by its developers as a photography simulation designed especially for learning. It is intended for beginners as well as experienced amateurs and professionals who can use it to try out the cameras of their dreams. According to Charlie Fuller of Wolf in Motion, allows users to try out a manual camera before purchasing it in the real world.

According to Guillaume Couche of Wolf in Motion, could also give birth to a new generation of photographers specializing in capturing snapshots in virtual environments. The founder of the company is convinced that users of VR headsets will soon be tempted to take photos in virtual reality, just as they do in the real world.

Control all your camera and environment settings

In real life, the quality of a photo doesn't just depend on the photographer. The weather conditions, the position of the sun, the colors and the vegetation determine the success of each shot and the final result. Likewise, the different settings and the quality of the different camera ranges are all variables to take into account in order to hope to take pictures that meet your ambitions.

In just as in the VR application developed by Canon, all these parameters can be carefully controlled by the user. The camera settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure and focal length or different modes can be carefully adjusted. It is also possible to alter the virtual environment as desired to create photos worthy of your imagination.

Magic Hour: price and availability

For the moment, is offered in Early Access. Only one environment is available. It is an island populated by birds, and illuminated by starlight, lanterns and a mysterious lighthouse. Thereafter Wolf in Motion intends to integrate other landscapes, accessories, features, as well as a multiplayer mode.

Hopefully, the final version of the app will live up to these promises. For now, Magic Hour is officially compatible with the HTC Vive, and can be purchased on Steam in Early Access for the modest sum of 4,99 euros.

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