Magic Leap - An upcoming launch for Rony Abovitz's helmet

Magic Leap - An upcoming launch for Rony Abovitz's helmet


The CEO of mysterious start-up Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz, spoke at a conference in July. Some announcements were made, including the upcoming launch of their device and the opening of a laboratory in San Francisco.

Something new from Magic Leap. This is what the Reuters agency website reports. A conference called Brainstorm Tech launched by Fortune media took place in Aspen on Wednesday, July 13. Among the guests, Rony Abovitz, the founder and CEO of the famous start-up Magic Leap. The latter has raised 1,4 billion dollars of investment from giants like Google and Alibaba, it is developing a revolutionary augmented reality technology. One of the main characteristics of the company and its culture of mystery. Despite the historic amount of money invested in the start-up, the latter has still not shown a prototype to the general public.

Magic Leap and the culture of mystery

Images of the holograms and articles from the few journalists who were able to test the helmet, however, show that a real revolution is hidden behind the enigmatic face of the founder, Rony Abovitz. Information on the development of the device is trickle-down and usually comes down to patents with helmet designs and partnership announcements. This time around, the CEO was more vocal, announcing that the headset production line in Florida is in the debugging phase and the product will be launched soon. Abovitz however remained evasive on the date.Magic Leap - An upcoming launch for Rony Abovitz's helmet

He also announced the upcoming opening of a development lab in the San Francisco Bay Area. Another precision of the CEO, user applications will come first, but the company is also working on uses in commerce and the medical field. The founder of Magic Leap also made a small comment on Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game: “With Magic Leap, I could see pokemon as I see real people. We love what we do. This is the path to a whole new future. This remark may leave pokemon hunters dreaming.


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