Magic Leap reaches out to developers and offers scholarships

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  • Magic Leap scholarships: support and resources

Magic Leap offers grants of up to $ 500.000 to mixed reality content creators who will win them over with innovative projects.

From $ 20.000 to $ 500.000. Here are the scholarships that are available to creators in the program launched by Magic Leap. The idea behind these scholarships is to give birth to new content.

Magic Leap scholarships: support and resources

Got a great idea for mixed reality content or a project you want to develop? If Magic Leap is the platform of your dreams, it's also the one that reaches out to you. A very substantial scholarship program has just been launched. Creators don't give up on their creative rights and aren't even forced to be exclusively on Magic Leap. What to open wide the doors of other platforms if you wish. Ideal for bringing your innovative project to life.

In addition to financial support, Magic Leap provide selected projects, multiple resources. We are talking about development aid, equipment (Magic Leap One), meeting with the various partners, personalized support, sales and distribution channel, marketing assistance ...  The ambitious and the imaginative even have the right to propose several projects. For those who are interested in these scholarships, you have to hurry. The deadline is very close to send the application and participate in the first round of selection. The elements must indeed be sent before Saturday December 15th. Your keyboards ! It's here that it happens.

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