Magnetique: The first comic book in virtual reality


  • Magnetique is sure to attract you

Magnetique is a unique experience that will bring history to life in a way never before seen in comics. To skip the pages, just make a drag gesture with your hand. Unlike a classic comic book where the story is only lived in front of you, this story is lived all around you. At the scenario level, Magnetique tells the story of the adventures of war and revenge, of Nero, who is a young puppeteer on a trip to the fictional coast of Cyan.

Graphically, the series is similar to comics or cartoons of western types like Marcelino or even XIII. As for the experience, the dialogue bubbles get bigger when you stare at the bubble in question, and the audio effects, present in the story, launch in a relevant way, increasing the feeling of immersion.

Magnetique is sure to attract you

The work was illustrated by the artist Emilio Pilliu, in an original way, because it was illustrated on the creation software: Photoshop. The team assembled a few internal tools to ensure the correct proportions of the characters and environments. The studio even allowed itself to use the Unity game engine. (usually used for creating video games) to add stereoscopic effects to certain elements, as you can see in the launch trailer for the first chapter.

The Italian studio hopes to collaborate with new artists on different series, as evidenced by the creation of a platform to distribute these works. The Onride studio is therefore a pioneer in virtual reality comics, and if you have a Gear VR do not hesitate, because the first chapter is already available and free on the Oculus Store, at this address.

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