Manus Polygon, the complete tracking solution is now available

Manus Polygon, the complete tracking solution is now available


Last March, the manufacturer Manus presented a full body tracking solution called Polygon. This is based on five trackers positioned on each hand, each foot and on the belt. In addition, a pair of gloves allows the integration of hand tracking. With this material, Manus offers real-time full-body tracking in any virtual reality universe.

The main advantage of Polygon is that we are far from the heavy and cumbersome full-body suit. Indeed, the five trackers are those of HTC used with their various Vive products. They weigh less than 100 grams each for a diameter of 65 mm and a height of just over 4 cm. Thus, the system is simple to set up. The calibration phase is divided into seven steps and lasts 45 seconds in all. It is therefore abouta story of a few minutes to equip and be ready for use.

A simple tracking solution for companies

Note that this solution seems very close to the one used by The Cluster room in Montpellier for their experience players against virtual reality players. However, during our test of the latter, we were able to realize the efficiency of such a system. It could therefore be the same for Polygon.

However, it's still a bit too early to hope to play VR games in your living room with Polygon. This project is for the moment intended for companies. And if the price of the acquisition of this material has not been announced, Manus offers its license of use with a year-round contract. It comes with the necessary technical support and all updates planned to ensure the latest version. In addition, this solution can be integrated, thanks to plug-ins, to Unity and Unreal engines. Finally, Manus specifies that it works with the Rift S and Quest headsets (via Link) from Oculus, as well as all headsets compatible with SteamVR.

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