Massless VR: all about the first stylus designed for virtual reality

Massless VR: all about the first stylus designed for virtual reality


In 2018, Massless unveiled a prototype of its Massless Pen VR stylus. Specially designed for virtual reality, this accessory aims to allow professionals to create and draw in 3D in virtual reality in a natural and precise way.

A year later, Massless announced the opening of pre-orders for its VR stylus. The sale price is fixed at 500 dollars, including $ 50 to pay when pre-ordering.

For this rate, you will receive the stylus, a tracking camera with its stand, and one year subscription to the Massless Studio software. This software is specially designed for concept sketching, with mesh generation and 3D modeling tools. The projects can be exported in the various standard formats (FBX, OBJ, STL, STEP…) and a real-time collaboration feature allows several users to meet in the VR.

Massless VR: a stylus specially designed for virtual reality design

Besides Massless Studio software, it will be possible to use it with VR design applications and soon. The stylus will be officially compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but it's likely that other SteamVR headsets will be supported as well.

Note that it is possible to use the Massless in non-vr mode on a graphics tablet with applications such as P,,,, and. In addition, the accessory now incorporates sensors allowing it to know when it touches a surface. This allows it to be used on any flat surface for working in 2D, although it is also possible to use it in air.

Le Massless VR Pen offer 12 hours of battery life and recharges via USB-C. Its capacitive sensor located near the index finger allows you to control the application and take advantage of haptic feedback. Tracking is provided by a camera supplied with the accessory, and offers a tracking volume of 90 ° x70 °.

The first deliveries are planned for the fourth quarter of 2019. After this first wave of “Early Access”, the price will drop to $ 1000 for the Massless Pen and $ 20 per month or $ 200 per year for Massless Studio.

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