MelodyVR - A partnership with Warner Music Group for VR


  • Immersive experiences linked to Warner artists
  • Warner Music Group and MelodyVR, a shared vision for the future of music
  • Long-term collaboration

Over the next few years, virtual reality will transform the music industry. Through VR, it will be possible to associate sound with image through immersive experiences, to attend 360-degree concerts from home, or to follow groups of artists in their peregrinations.

In this context, the giants of the music industry are preparing for this upheaval. For example, Universal recently launched its VRLive application. Today, it is the turn of Warner Music Group to enter this emerging market, through a collaboration with an ambitious startup.

Immersive experiences linked to Warner artists

As part of the partnership with Warner Music Group, MelodyVR will create hundreds of high-quality virtual reality experiences. This exclusive content was produced throughout 2015 and 2016. It will be offered directly through the MelodyVR platform, in the course of 2017.

Fans of the artists will be able to enjoy intimate experiences, impossible to develop without virtual reality. It will be for example possible to visit the backstages of your favorite group, or to rub shoulders with the artists during their recording sessions in the studio.

Warner Music Group and MelodyVR, a shared vision for the future of music

MelodyVR Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Matchett says he's thrilled to be working with Warner Music Group to create groundbreaking content. This startup was created with the ambition of offering music lovers an innovative and immersive way to connect with the artists they enjoy. This collaboration is therefore an apotheosis for the founders of the project.

Allowing a fan to attend a private performance, or even a concert for which all seats have been sold, are all opportunities offered by virtual reality for the music industry. A vision for the future that Warner Music and MelodyVR seem to share. The label has always been enthusiastic about new technologies.

Long-term collaboration

According to Ole Obermann, chief digital officer and executive vice president of business development at Warner Music Group, the label is constantly exploring new possibilities to connect artists to their audience. However, virtual reality presents unique possibilities in terms of creating innovative musical experiences and new forms of storytelling.

La startup MelodyVR plans to get even closer to Warner Music artists in the years to come, to create even more compelling and personalized experiences for their fans. This company is positioned as a forerunner for the VR music industry, driven by a passion for its field of activity, and driven by an eagerness to present to fans what they can create together.

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