Microsoft Hololens - A busy update

    Microsoft Hololens - A busy update

    Microsoft Hololens - A busy update

    The Hololens, which unfortunately did not show the tip of its nose during E3, is still not available to the general public but may be requested by professionals for now afterwards. study of a file, which can be refused by Microsoft but also with a check for $ 3000. To date, an update is available, the very first for the Microsoft Hololens which brings new features, in particular the possibilities of interactions. Microsoft and Satya Nadella have decided to bring eight new features through this update that we detail here:

    • Multi-window support : the user can have three windows open simultaneously.
    • Groove Music : it will now be possible to listen to music while browsing the Hololens applications.
    • Rotation : Manipulating holograms using rotation will now be part of the options.
    • Voice commands : a voice command has been introduced in the settings to facilitate the customization of a hologram. A single "" will increase its size.
    • Mixed reality screenshots : it was expected, here it is finally. As on smartphones, the screenshot will immortalize a moment of your environment in augmented reality. To do this, click simultaneously on the two volume buttons.
    • App resizing : applications can grow vertically.
    • Bluetooth: a bluetooth keyboard and mouse can interact with the AR interface.
    • Pinning photos : the photos will be selectable with a simple wave of the hand.

    At the same time, the director of Xbox France, Hugues Ouvrard, the Xbox being Microsoft's home console, talks a little about the Hololens while he presents the famous Scorpio project and his Xbox ONE S and in particular the reasons for the absence of Hololens at E3.

    In short, for Microsoft, the Hololens is a tool for professionals and clearly not intended for pure leisure but more for practice, which is then underlined by Hugues Ouvrard:

    For Microsoft, this augmented reality headset is a totally practical support tool that companies can use to support their production, improve their service or even create content.

    Hugues Ouvrard adds a little word about the Scorpio project and his Xbox ONE S:

    It is clear that with all this small world, Microsoft is completely invested in virtual and augmented reality. Continue to follow us for the first information on the future of the Hololens. The update made on the Hololens is proof that Microsoft intends to invest in the long term.

    Microsoft Hololens - A busy update

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