Microsoft: the next Xbox compatible with virtual reality, 4K and 240 FPS?


  • Microsoft: finally a VR headset for the next Xbox?

Here is now 5 years that the Xbox One is available on the market. Even though the console continues to sell, fans are now looking to the future. What does Microsoft have in store for the next version of its famous gaming machine?

On already knew that the next generation Xbox is in development. In addition, for several years now, the American company has been acquiring numerous studios in order to create more exclusive games. However, apart from these details, no information on the future device has been revealed.

Today, industrial analyst Michael Pachter unveils his predictions for the next Xbox. According to him, the future console would come in two versions. One will be particularly affordable, priced at around $ 100, but would lack a hard drive and disk drive. It would therefore be based entirely on streaming.

The second version, meanwhile, would be much more expensive with a price exceeding $ 400. However, it would offer a state-of-the-art experience including support for 4K at 240 frames per second. Otherwise, this machine would also be compatible with virtual reality.

Microsoft: finally a VR headset for the next Xbox?

This last prediction is surprising. It was already rumored that Microsoft was preparing two consoles, one of which was dedicated to streaming, but this is the first time we hear about a possible VR compatibility.

Moreover, the development of a virtual reality headset for the current Xbox One X was recently canceled after being considered before. We could therefore believe that Microsoft had chosen to give up this immersive technology for its home console. In fact, perhaps the firm had simply decided to focus efforts on developing a VR headset or platform for the next Xbox.

So far, Microsoft's entry into the VR market has been through the Windows Mixed Reality software platform. Several VR headsets for Windows PCs running on this platform have been marketed by third-party manufacturers such as Asus, Acer or Lenovo. Sadly, the success has not really been there so far despite a much more affordable price than the competition.

It is possible that the future Xbox will be compatible with Windows Mixed Reality headsets, just like a PC. An alternative would be the development of a VR headset specially designed for the console, like Sony's PSVR for the PS4. Anyway, we will probably have to wait a few more months for Microsoft to confirm or deny these predictions through an official announcement ...

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