Minecraft VR: he spends 24 hours in the game and describes the effects on his brain


  • Minecraft VR disrupted YouTuber Apollow's perception of time

One fine morning, YouTuber Apollow from the Disrupt YouTube channel woke up longing to live in another world. To do this, rather than looking for the Stargate or building a spaceship, he made the choice to immerse himself in the virtual reality of the game Minecraft VR for 24 hours.

The videographer wanted check the effects of this experience on their body and brain. Indeed, remember that the day / night cycle in Minecraft is much shorter than in the real world. Thus, 24 hours on Earth correspond to 72 days in the game. Apollow therefore wanted to check how his body and his mind would react to such an acceleration of the natural cycle.

In a new video, he describes his feelings at the end of this stay in the virtual world. According to him, lThe YouTuber quickly got used to living in VR after building his first house in Minecraft.

Throughout the 24 hours, broadcast in live streaming, Apollow only rested three times by taking short naps. However, he chose to keep the headphones and earphones on his head while he slept. Waking up in VR was a bit strange, but his brain quickly got used to it each time.

The videographer claims not to have experienced a feeling of nausea during his adventure, except during his boat trips. However, seasickness can also occur in the real world ...

Minecraft VR disrupted YouTuber Apollow's perception of time

To conclude his journey into the virtual world of Minecraft, Apollow decided to go fight the endgame dragon. After defeating him, he sat for an hour on a small mountain waiting for the sun to rise. A poetic way of concluding this epic at the crossroads of universes ...

Following this experience, the young man explains that time seemed to go by much slower during the following days in the real world. He also claims to have felt like he “jumped” a day in his life.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that a person has embarked on an extended experience of virtual reality. In 2018, one player spent 42 hours in Skyrim VR. Likewise, in early 2019, a man spent 7 consecutive days in VR while filming himself on Twitch and YouTube. And you, Would you be tempted to leave the real world to go live in VR for good? 

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