MIT trains robots to clean up VR


  • MIT has created the VirtualHome, a virtual home where cleaning is never finished

Letting robots do the housework for us is a dream for many of us. However, before we can take care of our chores, machines must train. You don't become a fairy of the house overnight!

In order to speed up the process, MIT created a virtual world called "VirtualHome". Within this virtual environment, the household never ends. No matter how much you apply to cleaning, sweeping, or polishing, the mess and grime immediately reappears.

A real nightmare for most human beings, but a training ground for ideal for robots. Within the VirtulHome, artificial intelligence is able to break down the various household chores to learn how to perform them at its own pace.

MIT has created the VirtualHome, a virtual home where cleaning is never finished

Currently, the VirtualHome avatar can perform 1000 different actions in eight different rooms : living room, kitchen, office… once these actions have been mastered in VR, the AI ​​will be able to reproduce them in the virtual world. Thus, in the near future, it will be possible to integrate this artificial intelligence into household robots.

These domestic machines will allow humans to to free oneself from daily chores… Until the robots end up getting fed up with dusting and decide to kill us all to prevent us from littering the house.

This invention was developed by MIT which is already training autonomous drones in VR in partnership with the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. It will be presented as part of the conférence Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition to be held at the end of June 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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