Mixed reality, possible with Oculus and Leap Motion

Mixed reality, possible with Oculus and Leap Motion


Most are just virtual reality experiments. However, this is changing thanks to the manipulation of virtual objects similar to holograms, in the real world.

This process is possible with the collaboration between Oculus and Leap Motion which was announced last year. The Leap Motion controller, a device that tracks movements of the arms up to the fingers, is an integral part of their project.

In the video shown to us, below, software engineer Raffi Bedikian highlights the new system by maneuvering Windows applications, in the space in front of it. He can scroll through lists of messages, arrange windows as he sees fit, and even play with the brightness around him. He imagines the possibilities that there can be when moving from virtual reality to augmented reality and vice versa.

This change must be done as simply as possible so that no disturbance is felt. Bedikian gives us an example in everyday life:

In fact, where before we were sort of disconnected from the real world, this mixed reality system makes it much easier to be present in one world as well as in the other. Suddenly, this is quite practical if you want to take breaks without removing the helmet.

When medicine steps in

Developers aren't the only ones exploring what the Oculus-Leap Motion controller has to offer. Students from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Sud Alsace recently took part in a project using mixed reality.

Two students, Paul Bourgeois and Cyprien Beaucreux tried to imagine a nanometric journey of the brain. After having built a virtual operating room, they allowed them to carry out specialized medical training that can be compared to introductory courses for surgeons.

 Mixed reality, possible with Oculus and Leap Motion

Bourgeois tells us that with the virtual reality headset and the Leap, beginners could train in a world created for them. It will not reach the feeling of having a real object in your hands. However, mixed reality will allow you to train and learn the right movements in the case of a specific operation.

For their next project called “Room of Errors”, it will involve placing a medical student in a virtual room. He will have to pay attention to certain elements which could prove to be dangerous for the patient. The student will then have to identify what is wrong, based on their observation. This kind of experiment is considered to be more profitable than a simple question-answer test..

Mixed reality, possible with Oculus and Leap Motion

Recently, mixed reality has also been approached by Microsoft and its Hololens which, as we recall, initially prefers to put it at the service of medical research, history and a few other fields.

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