Moka360: the smallest 360-degree camera under 120 euros

Moka360: the smallest 360-degree camera under 120 euros


Mokacam is a Chinese start-up that had successfully launched a miniature action camera filming in 4k. This time, the Rising Sun Company embarked on the design ofa panoramic camera which is quite simply the smallest on the market. Funded in crowfunding on the Indiegogo site, the camera has achieved its objectives and should see the light of day in March 2017.

Moka360: the smallest 360-degree camera under 120 euros

Technical characteristics of the Moka360

The Moka 360 camera can take panoramic photos as well as 360-degree videos. According to the technical sheet described on the Indiegogo page, the camera allows, thanks to its two optics opening at f / 2, to take good resolution 360-degree videos with 2K quality at 30 frames per second. It is also equipped with a rotation stabilizer to offer a certain stability during movements. It is characterized above all by its simplicity, its small size and its very affordable price.

On the battery side, it offers, according to its designers, an autonomy of 24 hours in photo mode and 90 minutes in video mode. Its reduced size of 56 * 51 * 28mm for a weight of less than 100 grams makes it quite simply the smallest and lightest 360 degree camera in the world.

Moka360, despite its small size and low price, however, overshadows the big manufacturers offering similar cameras like Samsung or GoPro. Smaller, just as efficient and much less expensive, the Moka360 is an excellent compromise for adventurers or geeks. The only downside is the somewhat limited storage capacity of only 128 GB.

Moka360: the smallest 360-degree camera under 120 euros

Moka360: multiple applications

The Moka360 camera offers different modes and allows many applications for 360 degree video. It is equipped with a magnetic support which allows it to be fixed to any metal support but also a screwing system for a tripod or a selfie stick. It is possible to take images or videos flat, in planet mode, sphere or for virtual reality.

The camera offers a Live Stream mode which allows you to share your videos on social networks or on streaming services. Moka360 is intended for adventurers wishing to share their emotional moments, tourists wishing to show the places they visit in 360 degrees, and geeks wishing to bring a moment of their life to life.

Moka360: the smallest 360-degree camera under 120 euros

A crowdfunding objective largely achieved

The Chinese start-up needed funding of $ 25.000 to finish developing the camera and marketing it. The team therefore went through the Indiegogo crowdfunding system. The enthusiasm was certain and the company received funding of more than $ 135.000 far exceeding the needs of the team.

However, there are 5 days left to participate in the financing of the Moka360. Thus, for $ 119 of participation, you will receive, in March 2017, a model of Moka360 which will subsequently be marketed at $ 199.

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