Morpheus - Sound technology for Sony headphones

Morpheus - Sound technology for Sony headphones


. Like sound, which Morpheus could take into account.

What interests us here is sound and its ability to make the game more immersive and enjoyable to play. And this will be all the more true with virtual reality which will change its codes somewhat.

Oculus VR has already confirmed that its Rift headset will feature the “relative head transfer function” technology (head-related transfer function) built into the device. To put it simply, this means that the headset user will be able to spot the origin of the sound, whether it is in a horizontal or vertical position.

The importance of sound in VR

Morpheus - Sound technology for Sony headphones

For their part, Sony had been rather silent on the issue. However, last week at the Develop: Brighton conference, the Japanese company has revealed that it is working on this technology for its Morpheus helmet.
Nick Ward-Foxton and Simon Gumbleton, respectively senior audio programmer and technical sound designer, both working at Sony Computer Entertainment, shared:

Gumbleton added that sound designers should respect the spotting of the head as a location of sound sources, which is very important for virtual reality. The player needs to learn and precisely locate the position of a sound.

The addition of this technology to virtual reality experiences will inevitably help make them more realistic and immersive.

In any case, if some helmets have it and others don't, the difference could really be felt. So, maybe in the eyes of gamers, sound will become just as important a part of video games as graphics.

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