My experience with the Oculus Rift

My experience with the Oculus Rift


An explosion of joy with the Oculus Rift, or not ...

During my first test of the Oculus Rift, several emotions crossed me. Indeed, I who am sick in transport, I was all the same quite reciting about this test of the beast. I knew that for some people nausea was felt. Despite everything, I wanted to embark on this unique experience and I took the plunge. The magic of the Oculus could not remain unknown to me for long!

When I see this Oculus my heart beats a bit, I can't wait to be able to put it in front of my eyes! In order to be able to get used to virtual reality and not to be sick, a series of well-chosen demos are announced to me, so I made the choice to test:

  • Blue Marble
  • Dumpy
  • OceanRift
  • Parrot Coaster
  • Euseum
  • Minecraft

Blue Marble:

Quiet little game for a first try of the Oculus Rift. So here I am with the Rift on my nose, inside a space capsule ready to be sent to space. After several adjustments, I was really impressed by the rendering. The responsiveness of the helmet is really on point. So I contemplate the interior of this vessel while waiting to be projected into the vast universe. The shuttle evicted, my first words were “OUAHHH !!”. And yes, a feeling of total emptiness and immensity in front of my eyes! The planet earth, the sun, a few satellites as well as meteorites, everything is done to be amazed from start to finish. Such a magical and contemplative game combined with very soothing and magnificent music, enough to make you want to stay in space. Until… As I gazed at the sun, I saw a growing shadow come closer and closer to me. It was the moon! Impressive! I backed up in my seat, it was so huge. A feeling that made this experience truly magical.

Dumpy : Going Elephant :

The game I shouldn't have played… As I said previously, I'm sick in transport. However, I didn't think I was so receptive to the Oculus Rift. In Dumpy, you are in the place of an elephant. We control the trunk of this one, the goal being to destroy everything in its path! Here I am immersed in an ultra colorful and a little crazy universe. For a short while I thought I was in a childish remake of Inseption. A demo slightly too fast for me, which doomed me to a headache followed by a desire to vomit… Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish this demo because it was so violent. Aside from this bad point, a very funny moment to hit big balloons, police cars and characters of all kinds.

OceanRift :

After recovering from my not very pleasant emotions, here I am immersed in the shallows of the ocean. By trying this demo, I immediately regretted not having tested it before Dumpy. A once again contemplative demo, but what could be better with the Oculus Rift than to contemplate magnificent scenery? In the middle of fish, sharks and whales, the sensations are very strong. We hope that one thing, that the sharks don't come and attack us. An impression of smallness takes hold of me when I see a whale pass above me! Magical, magnificent, impressive. These are the only words that come to mind at this moment.

Parrot Coaster :

The classic, I couldn't try the Oculus Rift without trying a coaster. Parrot Coaster is a kind of fun fair train. Nothing extraordinary compared to the different coasters with more elaborate decorations. However, the sensations are present. Instinctively I cling to the desk in front of me, hoping not to fall from my chair. Obviously, we don't scream as much as in a Disneyland AeroSmith, but there are all the same small effects that do not go unnoticed. By wanting to look down, my head began to spin, forcing me to remove the helmet to finish this gripping demo. I still managed to do 3 laps of the tracks without bad effects!


A rather special demo. Small intellectual moment with this virtual visit of a museum. Honestly, a very beautiful rendering. This demo works really well with the Oculus. It really feels like a museum. The colors are beautiful and the light is well worked. Having studied Art, I can already imagine myself in my virtual gallery with my own works exhibited! It's nice to dream. However, this demo really gives us the opportunity to believe in the museum. A visit, certainly virtual, but realistic at the highest point. If you are familiar with programming, I advise you to create your own virtual gallery, and exhibit the works you want. Each week a different artist. You are the boss!

Minecraft :

Here is a game I do not play! And yes I must be a small part of the people who do not practice cubic construction. However, I still wanted to test this compatibility, and frankly, the best of all! Of all the demos I have tested previously, Minecraft has impressed me the most. Why? You will understand this verdict in my conclusion. To all the people who own the DK1, I strongly advise them to test Minecraft with it! The scale ratio is really huge, the stairs have steps of 1 meter by 1 meter, and as much to tell you that with the Oculus Rift one really has the impression of climbing astronomical heights.

Verdict and conclusion:

Before I could test the Rift, I couldn't wait to see what it was like. Watching reaction videos or other gameplays available on Youtube is no longer enough. The best remains the personal test! Having this little video game revolution in your hands gives you chills. Nevertheless, although there are many “wow that's beautiful!”, “Han we believe it really”… etc, the final verdict is not that “beautiful”. Indeed, for simple reasons, this test of the Oculus Rift was not such a fantastic experience. Why? At first I didn't think the low resolution the DK1 offers would be so disturbing. And yes you will see everything in pixels… This is the reason why Minecraft was the game in which I had the most fun. Also, the nausea was slightly annoying, not to mention the headache that kept me going until I went to bed.

Do not be afraid while reading what I have just written. It is above all my personal feelings, and in no case should this influence anyone. Everyone reacts differently to testing the Oculus Rift, the one you just read is mine and only mine as well as my personal review.

Is the Oculus Rift a video game revolution? Yes without a doubt! Despite a few small problems I can only admit that this invention brings real novelty to the gameplay.

Would I be ready to put 220 € in the DK1? Certainly not ... Indeed, this essay allowed me to understand that such an expense was not so necessary for personal pleasure.

Do I plan to buy the final version? Obviously yes! This answer may surprise you, yet it really is what I think. Indeed, despite the weak points of the DK1, it is essential to specify that the final version will be much more sophisticated. Very high definition, as well as a nausea reducer but also head tracking. You only need to see Crystal Cove to already see a good number of improvements.

This is how my first experience with the Oculus Rift went. I would like to thank AntoineR who warmly welcomed me at his place to make me try the helmet. AntoineR has also developed his own game on the Oculus Rift, 

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