Oculus Quest: Over 20 Titles To Cross Million Dollars In Revenue

Oculus Quest: Over 20 Titles To Cross Million Dollars In Revenue


In a blog post, Facebook revealed that more than XNUMX games on Oculus Quest have passed the million dollar mark in revenue.

The blog post in question signaled the departure of the company's Game Developer Showcase. Optimistic, the latter predicts continued growth in these numbers as more and more consumers embrace RVs.

Oculus Quest: the reason for these unprecedented recipes

In fact, these statistics only confirm the overwhelming success of the Oculus Quest headset. Thus, the developers of the game Apex Construct recently revealed that sales of the Quest version of the title exceed sales from all other platforms. Likewise, Oculus Quest version of Red Matter revenue far surpasses those of Rift version.

The portability and ease of use of the Oculus Quest is certainly no stranger to this success, making it more appealing to a VR novice. And Facebook figures confirm this hypothesis. Thus, 90% of new Quest headsets activated during the holiday season belong to people discovering the Oculus ecosystem.

A success that has its downside

Even so, Facebook has encountered problems related to the high demand for Oculus Quest headsets and content. These last months, the company must therefore regularly face stock shortages. In addition, the situation is worsening with the current crisis born of the coronavirus which could very well drag on. In the latter case, however, the Quest is not the only model affected.

In addition to these revelations on the recipes of the Oculus Quest, Facebook also announced a new visual interface for the device. This will offer an even more immersive experience and facilitate multitasking.

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