Oculus VR offers Nimble VR and 13th Lab

    Oculus VR offers Nimble VR and 13th Lab

    Oculus VR continues the development of the Oculus Rift and enriches its ranks with the redemption de two companies specialized in movement recognition and the augmented reality. The areas of predilection of these companies are very interesting for Oculus VR, and we suspect that this acquisition is not trivial, and proved to be very useful in bringing new features to their virtual reality headset.

    Nimble VR was a few days ago in a Kickstarter campaign to promote their invention: the Nimble Sense. This young start-up has created a wide angle camera (110 degree) for detect with precision the movements, especially those of hands. The particularity of this accessory is that it attaches directly to the Oculus Rift and therefore provides additional functionality.

    With the acquisition of this technology, Oculus VR gives us an overview of what could be the final version of the Oculus Rift and at the same time regulates a recurring problem : the control device compatibility. Indeed, whether it was with joysticks, a mouse keyboard combo or just the recognition of movements, nothing allowed optimal control. With the Nimble Sens, Oculus VR seems to have found the miracle solution.

    The interest of redeeming 13Th Lab remains a little more vague. This company is expert in the development ofapplications en mixed reality. In other words, it offers to convert the real world into a virtual world, without loading time. Their creation of the moment is a smartphone shooting game as there are dozens of them today, at least at first glance.

    referred Survivor, this FPS is actually much more original than it looks. Indeed, here no decorations created upstream by designers. Thanks to 13th Lab technology coupled with the camera of our phones, the real decor in which you operate (your home, office etc.) is transposed live in the game! This is called Augmented Reality.


    One wonders what Oculus VR can do with this technology even if one assumes that they did not buy it for nothing. Nevertheless, these new reinforcements in the development of the Oculus Rift invite us to remain confident about the final quality of the product, which could probably live up to all expectations. And the least we can say is that there is!

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