Omni One: the home version of Virtuix's VR mat

Omni One: the home version of Virtuix's VR mat


La eSport Virtuix platform yesterday unveiled a new VR carpet, called Omni One, intended for the general public.

In fact, it is the latest of the many Omni-stamped rugs that allow simulate walking while staying physically in the same place.

To do this, the player must wear a special pair of shoes capable of sliding on the surface of the circular base. Thus, the user can walk in any direction in VR while remaining stationary in the real world.

According to Virtuix, l'Omni One s'inspire de l'Omni Pro, a previous carpet intended for commercial use. Among the differences, the One is lighter, more compact, and easier to fold than its predecessor. Added to this is a decidedly more attractive design, an important aspect since the device will have to fit into the decor of a house or apartment.

All One, a complete VR Tapis

The device will be sold as a complete entertainment kit, including a standalone VR headset (no model specified for the time being). So you won't need to buy an additional accessory to fully benefit from it.

In addition, the player will be able to access a online store to download games. It will have 30 titles at launch, including games developed in-house by Virtuix.

Price side, it will take 1 995 dollars for all, this includes the Omni One VR mat itself as well as the VR headset. On the other hand, Virtuix also offers an installment payment of $ 55 / month.

Un development kit will be available for purchase for $ 995, but will not include a VR headset. In addition, it will have to connect to a PC to be used for development or to access PC VR content.

This mat could be of interest to owners of Quest or Quest 2, used in conjunction with Virtual Desktop.

In any case, the device will be on sale from the second half of 2021. So you have plenty of time to save some money.

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