Over 100 VR Games Pass Million Dollar Revenue

Over 100 VR Games Pass Million Dollar Revenue


Le VR gaming market has just passed an important milestone, according to a report released by VR Fund investor Tipatat Chennavasin. According to its analyzes, more than 100 games have passed the $ 100 million revenue mark.

This estimate is based on data collected from the main virtual VR game stores: Steam, PlayStation Store and Oculus Store. In total, 106 VR games reached million dollars in revenue. More than half of them would have succeeded in the past 12 months.

Even more impressive: the 7 best-selling games would have passed the threshold of 10 million dollars. The top-selling game, meanwhile, would have generated $ 60 million on its own. It is probably the famous Beat Saber. The expert estimates that a VR game could pass the symbolic milestone of 100 million dollars at the beginning of the year 2021.

The VR gaming market is no longer to be taken lightly

Over 100 VR Games Pass Million Dollar Revenue

In total, the revenue generated by VR games in 2019 would amount to $ 300 million across all platforms. The growth would be strongly linked to the success of the Oculus Quest, but also to an increase in sales of other headsets.

According to Chennavasin, the fact that more than 100 games have grossed more than $ XNUMX million is a milestone for the market. This proves that success is repeatable in the VR market, that virtual reality is no longer just a playground for developers. It is now a real market offering major opportunities ...

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