Pimax to launch rugged 8K VR headsets for businesses

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  • Pimax RE: waterproof, durable and impact resistant helmets

While virtual reality struggles to appeal to the general public, VR headset manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the corporate market. For example, HTC recently launched the Vive Focus Plus for businesses. Likewise, Facebook plans to launch Oculus headsets for professionals.

Now it is Chinese Pimax to announce new “reinforced” versions of its VR headsets. These devices are intended for businesses such as VR arcades, or those who use virtual reality for education or training.

The helmets of this new range will wear thethe suffix "RE" as a diminutive of "ruggedized" (reinforced in English). The line will thus regroup the Pimax 8K RE, the Pimax 5K Plus RE, and the Pimax 5K OLED RE (based on the Pimax 5K XR).

Pimax RE: waterproof, durable and impact resistant helmets

The devices of the “RE” range will be distinguished by several characteristics aiming to increase their robustness. These helmets will be waterproof, their headbands will be rigid, and the cables will be thicker. Their components will be stronger, the buttons will be metal, and the shock tolerance will be greater.

In addition, additional accessories will be provided. In particular, users will benefit from a cover to protect the facade.

For the rest, the technical characteristics will be similar to those of the original Pimax helmets. We will thus find the same definition and the same field of vision, as well as the possibility of connecting modules thanks to several USB Type-C ports.

Pimax helmets from the ”Ruggedized” range will be available in the course of 2019, but the exact date has not yet been released. Compared to the original models, the price of these devices will be higher by about $ 500.

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