Play Firewall Zero Hour for free this weekend and double your XP


  • Firewall Zero Hour free during the weekend

The co-op multiplayer shooter, Firewall Zero Hour, is free all weekend long for players with a PSVR headset and PS Plus membership. An excellent opportunity to test it.

Some publishers of virtual reality video games sometimes offer to test their game for free for a weekend. A good way to try out a game for free in the comfort of your living room without having to pay a penny. It's also a good way to discover new genres of games and of course also to leave the doubt to a person who would consider the purchase. but hesitate. When it comes to a great game, we can't pass up the opportunity to let you know.

Firewall Zero Hour free during the weekend

Firewall Zero Hour is a multiplayer co-op first-person shooter. The cooperative mode is very important because the goal is not to shoot everything that moves but rather to strategize with your team and progress in the missions entrusted to you. Big advantage of the game, it is possible to play with the PS Aim controller which, with its rifle shape, offers a deeper immersion.

Note that when it was released, Firewall Zero Hour has literally exploded in sales, ranking entry-level as the best-selling VR game for PlayStation VR. The game had then succeeded in dethroning great classics comfortably installed on the bestseller podium for months. The game is free from today until Sunday evening. However, you must have a PS Plus subscription to take advantage of this offer. Remarkably, if you take advantage of this free offer, the experience you have accumulated in the game this weekend will simply be doubled allowing you to move forward faster.

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